300 kilometres of roads in Kharkiv Oblast being repaired to improve logistics for military


Kharkiv Oblast authorities are repairing 300 kilometres of frontline roads of national importance in different districts to improve logistics for the military.

Source: Andrii Aleksieiev, Head of the Infrastructure Restoration and Development Service in Kharkiv Oblast, as reported by Ukrinform news agency 

Quote: “We are responsible for the roads of national importance and are currently working throughout the oblast on the most important humanitarian chains and military fronts. These are frontline roads, rocades – those that run parallel to the front line, and, of course, military crossings. Currently, about 300 kilometres of state roads are being repaired, mostly military roads.” 

Details: Aleksieiev said that contractors were carrying out emergency work, and the road sections were determined after meetings with Kharkiv Oblast Military Administration and military command.

“We form these lists, they are secret, and we work according to them. We do not decide anything in choosing the road ourselves. Repair work is needed for military logistics, for the evacuation of the wounded, where the time of transportation is of utmost importance,” he noted.

Background: The Kyiv City Prosecutor’s Office has submitted to the court indictments against officials of the contractor and leading engineers of the Road Services in Kyiv and Zhytomyr oblasts.