Air Canada Becomes 3rd Airline With Non-Stop Singapore-North America Flights


As you will know by now, Air Canada has added Vancouver to Singapore. Leaving Canada on April 3rd, its return to Changi comes after 33 years, when it had a multi-stop routing from Toronto. It will replace Singapore Airlines, which served British Columbia’s largest city until 2009 and again from 2021.

Singapore Airlines ends the route in September 2023, paving the way for fellow Star Alliance member Air Canada. When it launches, it will target the point-to-point market, connecting people across North America via Vancouver. Unlike Singapore Airlines, lower-yielding connections across Asia will be less important, strengthening its chance of success.

Singapore’s North American routes

Next April is far off, and things may change. However, as of June 18th, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, and now Air Canada plan ten routes, as summarized below. They include JFK, which remains the world’s longest non-stop route, covering 9,537 miles (15,348 km) each way.

In all, there are 75 weekly North America departures, the same as in 2023 but four more than in the pre-pandemic April 2019. When airlines are stripped out, the 8,446-mile (13,593 km) link between Singapore and San Francisco is the most served, with four daily services.

Up to 12 daily flights

As a snapshot of the activity, consider April 16th. Again, it is subject to change, but when writing Singapore expects to have the following departures. It is a day when only one of two non-stop Los Angeles flights run:

  • 02:25: SQ52, Houston via Manchester
  • 09:00: UA2, San Francisco
  • 09:00: SQ28, Seattle
  • 09:10: AC20, Vancouver
  • 09:10: SQ12, Los Angeles via Tokyo
  • 09:25: SQ32, San Francisco
  • 12:10: SQ24, JFK
  • 19:50: SQ34, San Francisco
  • 20:45: SQ38, Los Angeles
  • 21:00: UA28, San Francisco
  • 23:35: SQ22, Newark
  • 23:55: SQ26, JFK via Frankfurt

First time for three non-stop airlines

Examining the past 20 years shows that Singapore has had up to four airlines with non-stop and one-stop flights to North America before, but never more than two with non-stop service. That changes with the arrival of Air Canada next year.

Source: Simple Flying