‘Baby alien’ found in Mexican cave by explorer who ‘dares not touch it without gloves’


A Mexican explorer may have just made his most stunning discovery to date with his latest find hidden inside a cave.

Edu Survivencia from Monterrey, Mexico, was out on one of his usual explorations of the Cerro de las Mitras when he discovered a “baby alien” well hidden inside a cave.

Speaking about his strange discovery Edu, said: “I was well hidden. In the cave, it was dark and very dirty and I didn’t think about it too much in that moment. I now keep it in a box and I don’t dare touch it without gloves.”

After sharing images of his discovery on Facebook, Edu’s post received more than 2,000 comments.

Edu's 'alien' discovery
Edu made the discovery while exploring a cave in Cerro de las Mitras, Mexico (Image: Jam Press)

The intrigued Facebook users didn’t hold back on their thoughts and theories with one user exclaiming: “It’s the body of a goblin”. A second added: “I don’t want to look at it anymore, it makes me scared. I would never have touched it, how brave you are!”

Meanwhile a third simply commented: “It’s a baby alien.”

Edu’s mysterious discovery has been compared to urologist Jaime Maussan’s mummified finds that he presented to Congress in Mexico, last September.

'Alien' discovery
A new TV documentary is set to be made, looking at recently found ‘alien mummies’ (Image: Jam Press)

The corpses that were found near the Nazca lines in Peru have been met with much scepticism from scientists who have labelled them fakes.

The ‘mummy aliens’ from Peru are set to be seen on camera for the first time with independent experts hoping to say one way or the other whether the mummies are alien life forms in a new TV documentary.

The producer for the show Serena DC has been left angered after previous investigations into the bodies haven’t been held in public, saying: “It is now time for the world to know the truth.”

Her independent experts will perform autopsies and medical scans in a bid to discover exactly what they are.

Source: Daily Star