China claims avocado import crown


Global avocado trade in 2023 increased 17 per cent to 3.4m tonnes. While 88 per cent of global trade is absorbed by North America and Europe, mostly supplied from Latin American producers, the avocado trade into Asia markets lifted 29 per cent year-on-year in 2023 to 184,000 tonnes.

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Avocado’s in China

China has overtaken Japan as the largest importer, taking 66,000 tonnes during 2023. Japan, traditionally the largest importer in Asia, took 62,000 tonnes. Peru and Mexico are the dominant suppliers.

Peru was the largest supplier of avocados to China, with shipments rising by 40 per cent to 50,000 tonnes. Peru held a 76 per cent market share, followed by Chile (11 per cent) and Kenya (6.6 per cent). Mexico, which pioneered the early avocado trade to China, supplied 2,000 tonnes (3.1 per cent share) demonstrating the shifting fabric of suppliers.

Mexico remained the largest supplier to Japan, although volumes fell 10 per cent to 45,000 tonnes while Peru increased shipments 35 per cent to 15,000 tonnes. Australia also became a more serious player in the Japan market supplying 800 tonnes and jumping into third position.

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Asia’s leading avocado import markets

Korean imports fell 6 per cent to 13,000 tonnes, again led by Peru with a 61 per cent market share, followed by Chile and Mexico.

India is emerging as the next big market for avocados where imports increased 112 per cent to 3,921 tonnes, mostly supplied from Tanzania. Australia and Kenya also entered the Indian market in 2023 as imports move on an exponential trajectory.

As a small market, Singapore’s 5.6m population has the largest per capita consumption of avocados in Asia, consuming 1kg per person per year or 5,790 tonnes. Australia is the largest supplier of avocados to Singapore with a 74 per cent market share.

Per capita consumption of avocados across Asia is scarcely measurable at less than 0.05kg per person. With Europe consuming 1.6 kg per person and the US over 3.5kg per person, the potential for growth in the Asian market is immense as consumers acquire a taste for avocados.

Source : Fruit Net