Dismembered bodies left in front of church in Mexico

Police, soldiers, and a forensic team work at the scene where a SUV holding the dismembered bodies of seven people was abandoned in Chilpancingo, Mexico, on 24 June 2023. EFE/Jose Luis de la Cruz

The dismembered bodies of five men and two women – all members of the same family – were found Saturday in front of a church in Chilpancingo, capital of the southern Mexican state of Guerrero.

Police said they received an anonymous call before dawn about an SUV sitting outside the church with its lines on and its trunk open to reveal the presence of five severed heads.

Found behind the heads were two written messages, one of them addressed to Chilpancingo Mayor Norma Otilia Hernandez Martinez.

Two other heads and seven torsos were discovered in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, while various body parts were lying on the pavement.

The seven victims went missing on June 9 and friends and relatives mounted several protests demanding their return.

A few days ago, a video circulated online showing the seven missing people along with several other men, all of them stripped down to their underwear and with their hands bound.

On the clip, the subjects are heard confessing to several murders, including the killing earlier this month of the director of a hospital in Quechultenango, Guerrero.

Source: La Prensa Latina