Eclipse Dates: Here’s a List of Eclipses That Will Be Visible in North America


An annular solar eclipse will cross North, Central and South America. It will be visible in all parts of the United States, Mexico, and many countries in South and Central America.

It will also be visible in North Texas. Details on the annular eclipse are here.

Total Solar Eclipse- April 8, 2024

A total solar eclipse will cross North America and Canada. A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun. The sky will darken as if it were dawn or dusk. The next one that will be visible from the United States will be Aug. 23, 2044.

Annular Solar Eclipse- Oct. 2, 2024

An annular solar eclipse will be visible in South America and a partial eclipse will be visible in South America, Antarctica, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and North America

Partial Solar Eclipse- March 29, 2025

A partial solar eclipse will be visible in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean.

Source : NBCD