Explaining Why Fans Think Taylor Swift Has a Secret Album Called ‘Karma’

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Taylor, we’re tired. Once again, Taylor Swift is causing confusion and fan theories over the matter of a few easter eggs from albums, songs and music videos past. One such theory revolves around the idea that the pop star has a secret album called Karma which was supposed to be released in 2016. Keep reading to uncover why fans are convinced we’re getting our own dose of Karma soon in her upcoming October 2022 album, Midnights.

Why Do Fans Think Taylor Swift Has a Secret Album?

Let’s rewind. It’s May 2016, Taylor has just attended the Met Gala in a gothic look paired with bleached blonde hair and black lipstick to match — very different than her usual red — and fans immediately took notice. As Taylor usually hints at future albums and eras in her clothing, many Swifties thought that this new album would be something darker than usual. She also appeared on the cover of Vogue and Coachella with the new, edgier look.

Additionally, at the time, Taylor was in a cycle of releasing an album two years apart from one another — and the last one, 1989, was released in October 2014, meaning that we were due for new Taylor music in 2016. So, what happened?

Cancelling Taylor Swift happened (thank, Kim Kardashian). The Nashville-born singer went into hiding for the rest of the year following her, Kim and Kanye’s infamous Twitter fight of July 2016. Instead, she released her response album to the entire situation called Reputation in November 2017. But, what happened to the 2016 album?

Explaining Why Fans Think Taylor Swift Has a Secret Album Called 'Karma': References, Track Titles, More
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Why Fans Think the 2016 Album Is Called Karma

Throughout 2016, the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer had been talking about “karma” a lot. For the same Vogue cover where she debuted a new look, Taylor also did a “73 Questions” interview, where she was asked what her biggest life lesson has been, and she made it a point to say, “Karma is real.”

We know, that saying is very cryptic and common — however, the word came up again a few years later, in her video for “The Man.” At one point in the music video, we see a wall graffitied with the names of the albums that Taylor eventually began re-recording. There, in the middle, it says “karma.” The word appears next to a sign that reads “MISSING: IF FOUND RETURN TO TAYLOR SWIFT.”

Is Karma Real?

As of October 5, 2022, we can say that “Karma” is very real. Since announcing her new album Midnights in August 2022, Taylor has been releasing track titles on her TikTok account by means of bingo balls. Yes, you heard us right.

So far, we have received track titles such as “Midnight Mayhem” and “Vigilante Sh-t” — but what got fans was the name of track 11: “Karma.” After revealing the name, Taylor immediately began laughing … as if she knew how her fans would react.

We’re on to you, T-Swift!

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