Global Hunting Safaris Expands Into North America’s Prestigious Hunting Grounds


Global Hunting Safaris Brings Its Unparalleled Expertise To North America, Offering Curated Hunting Expeditions Across The Continent’s Diverse Terrains.

Global Hunting Safaris, the renowned international hunting brokerage founded by the seasoned hunter John Martins, proudly announces its exclusive North American Hunts. In line with its dedication to providing premier hunting experiences across the globe, the agency now broadens its scope to encompass North America’s expansive and diverse hunting landscapes, which stretch over seven countries and cover 9.54 million square miles of varied terrains.

John Martins said, “Hunting in the US offers an unparalleled experience, boasting diverse wildlife from the Alaskan Brown Bear to the Whitetail Deer. We are excited to bring this opportunity to our clientele, ensuring each hunt is tailored to their preferences, resulting in a memorable hunting safari.”

A distinguishing feature of this North American expansion is the emphasis on Moose Hunts. The continent shelters a myriad of moose subspecies, ranging from the regal Yukon Moose to the distinguished Shiras Moose. Yet, the offerings are vast, with a selection of over 30 big game species beckoning hunters. Every expedition offers an unparalleled experience, whether tracking the elusive Cougar that roams from Alaska to Panama or pursuing the Rocky Mountain Elk in its lofty mountain habitats. For enthusiasts of unique trophies, the allure of the California Bighorn Sheep or the Desert Bighorn Sheep will be hard to resist.

The essence of Global Hunting Safaris lies in its authenticity. The company’s relationship with outfitters is rooted in firsthand experience. Each outfitter is either personally vetted by the team or validated through a reliable network, ensuring that clients get an accurate representation of the hunting experience, devoid of embellishments.

Global Hunting Safaris has carved a niche for itself through its commitment to ensuring each safari’s success, backed by John Martins’ 40 international safaris in the past decade. The advantage of dealing with an American agent residing in the United States further accentuates the agency’s credibility. Their primary goal remains clear – to ignite the genuine passion for hunting and ensure a cherished experience for every client.

About Global Hunting Safaris -Founded by John Martins of Palm Harbor, Florida, Global Hunting Safaris emerged as an answer to the rising demand for diverse hunting opportunities worldwide. Separating from its Africa-centric counterpart, Discount African Hunts, in 2021, the agency specializes in high-quality international hunting safaris, excluding Africa. With a team rich in personal hunting experiences, the agency is dedicated to offering genuine and exceptional hunting safaris.

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