Glue Free Paper Packaging Has Made its Way from Europe to North America


For three years, mustang paper trays have been used in Europe as packaging for fresh produce. Increasingly, the paper trays are making their way into North America, with Ontario-based Omnia Packaging being the exclusive producer and provider of mustang paper trays in Canada, the US, and Mexico. “We are a subsidiary of the Italian family business Sunino that has been providing food packaging for multiple generations,” says Monica Viazzo, responsible for Business Development and Marketing with Omnia Packaging. “Our factory in Guelph, Ontario, has been finalized at the end of 2022, and since then, we have been testing molds, conducting industrial tests, and getting ready for mass production next month,” she added.

In recent years, many forms of paper tray packaging have entered the market. What is unique about mustang paper trays? “First of all, we start from virgin paper board,” said Viazzo. “It’s a clean, sturdy, and long-fiber paper that is 100 percent recyclable.” In addition, the mustang machine enables the trays to be manufactured glue free. “No glue means no chemicals are being used.”

“The second reason the trays are unique is because they are fully printable. Being from Italy, we care about design and feel it is important to offer packaging with attractive high-colored graphics such as a company logo, a slogan, and even look-through designs can be added.” This is all possible with mustang paper trays. “The bottom as well as the sides of the tray have graphics, and the only places that don’t have any prints are the corners.”

Top sealable film is transparent and printable.

Snacking tomatoes and blueberries
The fully stackable trays can be used for many fruit and vegetable varieties. “Since it’s paper, the trays can’t hold heavy produce items like potatoes and onions,” commented Viazzo. While they are most popular for snacking tomatoes and blueberries, paper trays are also being used for mini potatoes, mini cucumbers, mini bell peppers, ginger, turmeric, and mushrooms. When it comes to fruit, strawberries, cranberries, table grapes, guava, and dates are all suitable to be packaged in mustang paper trays that come in three sizes: pints, 0.5 lb, and 1 lb. In addition, custom sizes can be developed.

Transition from PET to paper
According to Viazzo, it is a simple transition from PET top seal to paper top seal. “Since our paper trays are compatible with existing top sealing tools, it is relatively easy to switch from plastic to paper packaging,” she commented. All trays are top sealable. The film is fully transparent and compostable. Just like the trays, the film is also fully printable. “For the graphics, we are able to create a design that can be integrated with the artwork of the customer.”

Source: Horti Daily