Guadalajara to launch Mexico’s first low-emission zone


Guadalajara is set to launch Mexico’s first low-emission zone – based in the city centre’s busy Ramón Corona intersection.

Collaborating with C40 Cities, the project will cover an area of 2 square kilometres in the city’s historic centre where over the past decade various measures have been implemented to improve mobility, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and urban nature.

The implementation is part of the city’s broader efforts to reduce road injuries and deaths and greenhouse gas emissions.

“The heart of the city has experienced one of the most important transformation processes in its history,” said Juan Francisco Ramírez Salcido, Interim Mayor of Guadalajara.

“Just look at what has happened with the pedestrianisation of Avenida Fray Antonio Alcalde or with Line 3 of our light train – these two works contributed to this space changing from being an avenue with high levels of noise and pollution to becoming a wooded, accessible and safer space, where we can enjoy with all our families.”


Changes in the central zone of the city over the past decade have included the creation of designated spaces and schedules for loading and unloading goods and the introduction of 30 km/h speed limits.

Technical studies conducted for the low-emission zone project revealed that cars are the main source of emissions in the centre, followed by motorcycles and light cargo vehicles.

C40 estimates that the interventions carried out in Paseo Alcalde between 2008 and 2023 – which saw roads transformed and hundreds of trees planted – have mitigated 90 percent of greenhouse gases in this corridor and reduced road crashes by 53.3 percent.

Based on these actions and planned actions, C40 estimates that by 2030, CO₂ will be reduced by 90 percent and black carbon 92 percent – increasing life expectancy by 0.46 years for users of the intersection, due to the reduction of risks associated with emissions.

Additionally, it is expected to attract 141,962 new pedestrians and 4,912 new cyclists annually.

Ilan Cuperstein, C40’s Regional Director for Latin America, said: “The low emission zone in Guadalajara stands as a remarkable strategy that contributes to health, better urban spaces, road safety and emissions reduction.

“Among its notable benefits is the improvement of air quality, thus contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment, which is especially urgent to address the climate crisis while also improving the quality of life of tapatíos.”