LG Chem Opens North America Innovation Center in Georgia


In partnership with Georgia Tech, LG Chem seeks to bolster joint research and establish a core R&D hub in the US

South Korea’s LG Chem Ltd. announced on Wednesday it has opened its North America Innovation Center in Georgia, the US.

The company also signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) for new technology research and development.

LG Chem said it plans to internalize research and development (R&D) capabilities related to three new growth engines in the North American region: next-generation battery materials, recycling, and bioplastics. The company also aims to identify top talent in these fields.

The North America Innovation Center will play a key role in expanding LG Chem’s R&D capabilities and talent pool in the region. The center will focus on local technology surveys and task development, joint research with local universities and research institutions, securing local talent, and independent R&D.

LG Chem also plans to expand and reorganize the center by 2025 to establish it as a core research hub in North America with independent facilities.

LG Chem and Georgia Tech have also established a cooperative relationship for joint research and talent development. The trained talent will be linked to employment at LG Chem.

LG Chem said it intends to collaborate with Georgia Tech across a wide range of fields, leveraging its R&D capabilities from foundational technologies to commercialization, innovative business model development, and training.

LG Chem is pushing for expansion in the North American market, with the construction of a cathode factory in Tennessee and a biodegradable bioplastic factory in Illinois.

“Even in technologically leading regions like North America, we will strengthen our research capabilities and secure talent to leap forward as a truly global science company,” said Vice Chairman of LG Chem Shin Hak-Cheol said. 

Source : KED