Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego Urges Global Investment in Bitcoin Amid Currency Depreciation


Ricardo Salinas Pliego champions Bitcoin investment as a safeguard against fiat currency devaluation, citing severe cases like Nigeria’s Naira to underline its importance.

Salinas Pliego Highlights Bitcoin’s Value Propositions

Recognizing the global economic turbulence, Salinas Pliego has been vocal on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), about Bitcoin’s potential to act as a store of value. With an estimated net worth of $13.3 billion, his endorsement carries significant weight. Salinas has repeatedly advised his followers to invest in Bitcoin, denouncing the stability of fiat currencies in light of their progressive devaluation.

Comparative Analysis: Fiat Currency Versus Bitcoin

In an illustrative example, Salinas Pliego highlighted the devaluation of Nigeria’s currency. Presently, one Nigerian Naira is valued at less than a single Satoshi. Given that the value of one Satoshi is approximately $0.0002616, and $1 equates to 1,480 Naira, the dire state of the Naira is glaring. This economic circumstance starkly illustrates why Salinas advocates for Bitcoin as a more reliable store of value.

Economic Instabilities and Bitcoin’s Role

Several global economies, including major ones like the United States, are grappling with high inflation and economic uncertainties. This scenario has heightened the appeal of Bitcoin, which many see as a hedge against currency devaluation. Prominent financial figures, including Robert Kiyosaki of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ fame, have consistently endorsed Bitcoin as a means to secure financial stability.

Expert Endorsements and Predictions

Experts across the financial sector have highlighted Bitcoin’s role as a digital store of value. VanEck CEO Jan van Eck has named Bitcoin as the ultimate digital asset for preserving wealth. Likewise, Cathie Wood of Ark Invest has projected that Bitcoin will solidify its position as a major store of value, especially amidst the collapse of regional US banks.


The increasing endorsement of Bitcoin by influential financial figures underscores its potential as a safeguard against fiat currency devaluation. Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s advocacy highlights an emerging consensus among experts about the critical role Bitcoin can play in a diversified investment strategy. For countries facing significant economic challenges, and even for individual investors looking to protect their wealth, Bitcoin offers an intriguing alternative to traditional currencies.

Source: Coinotag