North American Arms Now Employee-Owned


As of April 26, 2022, North American Arms officially became employee-owned, as 30-year president and owner Sandy Chisholm sold the company to an employee stock ownership trust. Over a period of several years, the trust will distribute equity ownership pieces to NAA employees at no cost.

The arrangement is intended to provide employees with additional retirement benefits, as well as an added motivational incentive, as they’ll directly benefit from quality and product improvements. Chisholm also noted that he’s “had several unsolicited expressions of interest” from other manufacturers in the firearm industry.

“NAA dominates its small niche for concealed-carry firearms and enjoys an oversized brand and reputation for quality and customer service that would burnish any other manufacturer’s reputation. Unfortunately, that would almost certainly lead to a relocation of this business and the loss of jobs for all those who I want to protect and reward. This route assures that stability.” Chisholm will remain active on the NAA board and several other firearm industry associations.

Source: American Rifleman