Prayer Vigil for Gaza Held at Islamic Society of North America


 As people began to pray inside the Islamic Society of North America, the people of Gaza were on the top of their minds Saturday afternoon.

“We are praying for peace, and we are asking our community to respond,” former president of ISNA Azhar Azeez said. 

Azeez spoke during Saturday’s vigil and encouraged the attendees to find ways to help the people of Gaza as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues in the country. 

“The opportunities and possibilities that exist here in our great nation cannot be found anywhere else,” Azeez said. “We have a moral responsibility to respond to the people in Gaza.”

There were many at the vigil who call this mosque home and have opened the doors for anyone to come and pray. 

“We all want the same thing, we grieve with everyone, all the victims and families that are involved, we pray for them,” volunteer Crystal France said. 

Stories were shared at the vigil about friends and families stuck in Gaza. Azeez hopes being able to bring people together through prayer inspires people to put differences aside and find ways to help their loved ones.

“We should not differentiate based on religion, ethnicity or race.” Azeez said. “As human beings, we should rise and go above and beyond.”

Source : Wthr