Sanctioning Entities Connected to Russia-DPRK Arms Dealer


Today, the United States is imposing sanctions on three entities connected to a U.S.-sanctioned arms dealer who has attempted to facilitate arms deals between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the Russian Federation for Russia’s use in its brutal war against Ukraine.

Earlier this year, the United States designated Slovakian national Ashot Mkrtychev for attempting to facilitate arms deals between the DPRK and Russia. Mkrtychev is the President of Versor S.R.O., the founder and owner of Limited Liability Company Verus, and the sole director of Defense Engineering Limited Liability Partnership. These three entities are being designated today.

Today’s action underscores our commitment to identify, expose, and impose severe costs on third-country actors who support Russia’s illegal war against Ukraine.  We will also continue to take actions against those attempting to evade our sanctions.

Source : State.Gov