Santa Sweets Production Will Be Only in Mexico in 2024


Santa Sweets is ceasing grape tomato growing operations in Florida for 2024.  The restructuring is the result of an annual strategic plan.  After the New Jersey season is complete, production will transition.  This coming fall and winter, the production of Santa Sweet-brand grape tomatoes, made famous by Procacci Brothers Sales Corporation, will entirely take place in Mexico, says Rick Feighery, vice president of Procacci Bros. Sales Corp. Procacci Bros. has many suppliers other than Santa Sweets.

Santa Sweets, based in Plant City, FL, and Procacci Bros. in Philadelphia, are owned by Procacci Holdings, LLC. 

Feighery tells on July 27 that “increased operating costs, coupled with sustained subpar markets, influenced the company’s decision. Santa Sweets will continue to operate distribution and repack operations in Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, and California.  We evaluate what, where and how much to plant each season.  This year is no different.  There is a possibility of returning to Florida with grape tomato production at some point in the future, as we will continue Round and Roma tomato production in Florida.”  

Procacci Bros. was started in 1948 by Joe Procacci and his brother, Michael Procacci, in the basement of their home, as they repacked tomatoes. The company is one of the largest produce companies in the world. Procacci has purchased vast tracts of land in southwest Florida since the 1960’s and they are a major tomato grower. The third-generation family business is led by CEO, J.M. Procacci.    

Feighery said the company is preparing a variety of 75th-anniversary celebrations for later this year.  

In other company news, Feighery said Procacci Brothers’ floral business has grown a great deal since the International Fresh Produce Association meeting last October. E-commerce platform in the business has been extremely successful.

Source : Freshfruitportal