TGS and SLB Start Engagement Phase 4 in Gulf of Mexico


Norway-based seismic survey company TGS and oilfield services company SLB have started Engagement 4 Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) multi-client acquisition in the Gulf of Mexico.

The sparse OBN programme, which is currently under way, focuses on the acquisition of the 152 Outer Continental Shelf block. It is designed to expand the contiguous data coverage from previous phases into the western Green Canyon area.

According to SLB, the new phase extends the company’s seamless OBN multiclient coverage to the western edge of Green Canyon and unlocks potential new prospect opportunities in the previously under-explored location.

The first FWI images for Engagement 4 are due to be made available in Q4 2023. The final images will be made available in Q3 2024.

Final images for Engagements 1 and 2 are currently made available to license while the first FWI images for Engagement 3 are scheduled in Q3 2023.

SLB processes the Engagement phases at its SLB Imaging Center in Houston, Texas.

TGS CEO Kristian Johansen said: “Alongside our project partners, we are excited to bring our sixth multi-client OBN project to fruition in the US Gulf of Mexico. Ever-positive, proven imaging results from prior phases support continued application of these advanced seismic techniques, delivering significant exploration value to our clients.”

Source : Offshore