The Mario Movie Physical Release Is Already Available (North America)


There were reports last week about fans securing physical copies of the Mario Movie early, and although an official release date of 13th June 2023 was announced today, it seems even more people have managed to secure a copy. In other words, you might already be able to get this version of the movie yourself.

Original [Wed 7th Jun, 2023 01:05 BST]:

Following news last week about the Super Mario Bros. Movie steelbook already being shipped out and sold to some customers in the US, it seems we’ve now got an official release date from Universal.

According to the Super Mario Bros. Movie social accounts, the ‘Power Up Edition’ digital and Blu-ray release will be available in both the US and Canada next week on 13th June 2023.

This version, as noted in the trailer below, comes with “bonus content” – some of which has already been uploaded on YouTube. You can grab it from Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart. Keep in mind, this release date only applies to North America.

“Watch the Power Up Edition again and again and again. #SuperMarioMovie is now yours to own on Digital and Blu-ray in the US and Canada 6/13.”

Once again, this follows a previous story about physical versions being available at certain stores last week – with a lot of fans already getting their hands on a copy.

Source : Nintendolife