The United States and Costa Rica: Juntos por Puntarenas!


The U.S. Embassy announced Juntos por Puntarenas (Together for Puntarenas), an initiative that highlights our contribution to the province of Puntarenas’s security and prosperity jointly with the government of Costa Rica. Investments are nearly USD $11 million in new security assistance, as well as economic and educational opportunities.

Working with Puntarenas residents, legislators and mayors, this effort includes a range of new programs and financial support.  This initiative expands the Sembremos Seguridad program, a strong coordination between the embassy, the central government, local governments, and communities that strengthens community security and repels the influence of organized crime, through academic, sports, artistic, and cultural programs for youth in the province.

Together for Puntarenas represents other new projects, including the construction of a pier and a Coast Guard station in Puntarenas, another new station for the Border Police, and new projects for Puntarenas youth and women entrepreneurs.

U.S. Ambassador Cynthia Telles highlighted the importance of collaboration as the key to progress and expressed her commitment to “work hand-in-hand so that the Pearl of the Pacific is a place of hope and future for the following generations.”

The Minister of Public Security Mario Zamora indicated that “the United States is an ally that works in support of Costa Rica and its inhabitants, especially the most vulnerable and needy, as demonstrated by this project in Puntarenas; which we highlight and appreciate.”

The initiative includes current and future investments:

  • Expansion of community programs such as prevention centers, municipal bands, and the Police Athletic League, to strengthen the relationship between the police and their communities.
  • Artistic, cultural, and sports projects for young people, including the Safe Place in El Huerto (Fray Casiano community hall) that is developed jointly with UNICEF. (USD $1,900,000).
  • The future construction of a Coast Guard station and a dock in Puntarenas.  This project is in its blueprint design phase.  It is expected to be completed in 2026. (USD $7,400,000).
  • Construction of a new station for the Border Police and patrol boats in Sierpe River. (USD $1,300,000).
  • Investments in infrastructure for the National Coast Guard Service in Drake Bay and Caldera, which will include docks and maintenance stations.
  • Expansion of support for women entrepreneurs in Puntarenas through the Academy of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) program. (USD $40,000).
  • Initiatives against human trafficking and child sexual exploitation throughout the province.
  • Promotion and support for the sustainable fishing industry, to discourage illegal fishing in the Gulf of Nicoya and protect fishing resources. (USD $250,000).
  • Donation of new equipment to strengthen the interaction of the representatives from different police forces with the communities. (USD $20,000).
  • Donation of new sports equipment for the Barranca Sports Club that teaches soccer to 250 young people from Puntarenas. (USD $6,000).

Source : Usembassy