US-Mexico Border Shooting Leaves ‘Several People Dead’


Gunfire erupted the US-Mexico border and reportedly resulted in several casualties.

The shooting broke out on the Pharr–Reynosa International Bridge, which connects Pharr, Texas, to Reynosa in Tamaulipas, around 3pm local time on Wednesday, according to the Mirror.

Local reports indicated that several people were killed in crossfire.

‘Apparently the confrontation occurred between elements of the army and armed civilians; the preliminary balance is three alleged criminals killed,’ tweeted the Mexican news organization Adn40.

A video showed two people hiding behind a truck as gunfire rang out on the road.

Another video recorded from a truck on the bridge appeared to show Mexican army vehicles passing other cars.

Areas along the US-Mexico border are rife with for cartels fighting for control of the flow of illegal drugs into America.

Source: Metro