We Reaffirm Our Shared Commitment to the Safety and Well-being of the People of North America


The delegation led by Homeland Security Advisor Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall reaffirms President Joe Biden’s commitment to our shared security and historic level of cooperation with Mexico.

The meetings with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his cabinet served to deepen the high-level work led by Dr. Sherwood-Randall – making her fourth visit to Mexico – and Secretary of Public Security and Citizen Protection Rosa Icela Rodríguez. Our governments are working together to combat illicit fentanyl, disrupt arms trafficking, and manage migration humanely.

The Bicentennial Framework on Security and the High-Level Security Dialogue have served to broaden our cooperation in unprecedented ways, allowing us to act as partners fully committed to maintaining our respective sovereignties.

On the issue of synthetic drugs, we stand together with Canada. Our countries will redouble efforts to interrupt the supply of the precursors that make fentanyl, fight transnational criminal organizations that profit from this poison, and prevent its trafficking across our borders, while promoting health services to reduce demand and promote treatment. In addition, we will intensify our work to identify and prosecute drug traffickers to dismantle their networks, while also locating chemical precursors and engaging the private sector to prevent their diversion.

The United States and Mexico will strengthen their efforts to stop the illegal trafficking of firearms that violate our communities. We will continue to work to uncover, disrupt, and dismantle the criminal networks and groups that traffic them.

Our governments will continue to work on a regional migration response based on the principles of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection to build an orderly, safe, and humane migration system. We also reaffirm our collaboration to expand legal pathways and widen our work in Central America.

Our countries reaffirmed they are aligned to modernize and build our border infrastructure. Thus, we will make it the most modern, safe, and efficient border in the world.

In North America, we are working together for the security and well-being of our nations. At the North American Leaders Summit (NALS) held in January, President Biden, President López Obrador, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed their commitment to combat fentanyl and

synthetic drugs, as well as their precursors. We will continue advancing toward our goals for the next NALS.

During the second meeting of the Trilateral Fentanyl Committee, our countries reaffirmed their commitment to stop this scourge threatening our nations. For this reason, the three delegations committed to the creation of a team of high-level experts to identify the regulatory and operational challenges associated with the shipment of illicit drugs, their precursors, and equipment. The three countries will establish mechanisms to share information so that we can report new substances, routes, or trends of synthetic drugs.

Mexico, the United States, and Canada form a common front against the trafficking of fentanyl, synthetic drugs, and the chemicals that produce them. As North American strategic partners, all three countries play a crucial role in the global efforts against fentanyl. For this reason, we will continue our efforts through the Global Coalition to address the threats of synthetic drugs and we will present the progress made on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Source : Usembassy