Soap2o Expands Into North America


After the huge success and rapid growth in the UK and Europe, Soap2o has launched its disruptive concentrate sachet soap and cosmetic brand in North America. Soap2o is the only commercial hand soap that eliminates single use plastic and the shipping of water, saving 95 percent of warehouse space and money in freight costs. 1 pallet of Soap2o (36,000 liters) equates to 43 pallets of conventional soap.

Founder Jordan Hurley says, “We are unbelievably excited to launch our brand in North America. It’s a huge market that can have a huge impact on the environment, which is at the forefront of our company’s values.”

Soap2o has appointed Jeffrey Lerma as their president & CEO for North America. Jeffrey has been in the industry for over 17 years and has a passion to bring sustainable innovations into the USA and across all of North America.

“Large corporations have never prioritized ESG and sustainability like they do right now. When you have the opportunity to launch the world’s most sustainable hand soap, you do it and don’t look back.”, says Jeffrey Lerma, president & CEO.

Source: Clean Link