Thomas Inks with North American University


The Patriot turned Stallion is known for his work ethic in football that bled over into his classroom.

“He did everything he was suppose to do,” said Head football coach Adrian Burnette.

Thomas did not play football until his junior year when he played wide receive on the scouting team. In his senior year, he switched over to defense playing outside linebacker and safety.

“Last year was actually his first year coming out,” Burnette said. “He played wide receiver as a junior and was with the scout team the whole time. But, the energy he brought every single day was perfect. When he transitioned over to defense this season it was his first time playing it. He’s a great guy. You couldn’t ask for a better kid.”

At the annual football banquet, Thomas received the coaches award. It is an award voted on by the coaches for a player who exemplifies what they are trying to accomplishment with the program on and off the field.

Thomas is excited about his opportunity to play for NAU next season.

“I just want to go up there and play to the best of my abilities,” Thomas said. “I want to show out for them.”

“I appreciate the opportunity to be here and play on the football field with you,” Thomas said after signing. “I appreciate all of the support.”

This was Burnette’s first player as the Patriot head coach to sign to play college football. He called Thomas “the first brick.”

“He is the first brick in this new foundation that we are putting together,” Burnette said. “What I am hoping is that everybody else wether it is a football player, basketball player or any student athlete that we have at this school is the next brick laid next to you. What we are going to do is build on Franklin Parish in the right way. We are going to do it with student athletes that are going to do well in the classroom, life and society. You are the first, but you are not going to be the last.”

Source: The Franklin Sun